Saturday, December 12, 2009


The only explanation I can think of - Momma must sorely need many more gray hairs.


Of course, my priorities being what they are I grabbed the camera and she amped up the show.


She's lucky she's so darn cute. Thankfully she's moved on from the climb everything stage and we're firmly in the "shriek to hear myself shriek" phase that I conveniently blocked out the last two times.



Chula said...

Oh my little guy is still in the climb everything phase,I guess I should be glad I haven't got to the shrieking phase...LOL.

Marielle said...

LOL - they're all interesting phases huh? It wouldn't be nearly as interesting if the older brothers weren't egging her on with the shrieking.

Lowell said...

huh, wonder why we didn't leave climbing before adding shrieking. lol. She'll never be in the same league as her sister though, so her shrieks barely register.

Marielle said...

Lowell those firstborns sure make an impression on us as parents huh? LOL