Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh dear, sweet children of mine.

Apples of my eye, fruit of my womb. I love you dearly and because I'm your mom, have a right to give a little unsolicited advice. Get ready 'cause this is going to rock your world - if you don't want to get sick stop licking random play equipment at the park. I don't care if your brother dared you. Or the checkout line at the supermarket - eww, seriously. Better yet, when you are incubating whatever bug you've picked up by engaging in daredevil behavior, don't come up to your momma to hug and love on her then sneeze directly on her face. Because sure enough, just as you and your siblings are on the tail end of illness, bounding with life and ready to tackle the world momma and daddy will be laid up on the couch at the mercy of the dogs and the love we have for each other.



Margaret said...

lol! Feel better soon! Love you car seat fortress!

Denise said...

OH MY- I"m there with you. The sneeze in the face gets me every time. Yikes! Hope you are all well soon.

Marielle said...

LOL - yeah mostly an annoying cold that means all my yummy NYE's food tastes like cardboard. Thanks for the get better wishes.