Thursday, December 3, 2009

The advent calendar is a success!

Boy are these kids loving the very simple ritual. A little treat and an activity to do with momma, not much there but to them it's gold. Today they worked on construction paper mittens. My younger son has an obsessive fascination with me tracing his hand so I traced mittens around their hands and let them color those.


Regarding the advent calendar I didn't want to be left with empty spots on the hanging garland so I pondered making some felt ornaments (yeah, this late in the game, who am I kidding?) or even a paper chain until I saw someone post this wonderful 3D paper snowflake tutorial. So I've been taking the opened tubes of paper and cutting them down to a square to repurpose into one module of the snowflake. See? Sort of a tear-dropish shaped ornament and the beauty continues even after we've used that portion of the calendar. Love it.


Although I'm feeling antsy since we don't have the tree up. Seems Thanksgiving weekend was the time to do it but I'm hoping by this weekend it will be up. My younger boy gave me a serious talking to after seeing the neighborhood lights saying, "momma, where our Christmas tree?!" Hands on hips, furrowed brow and everything.



Denise said...

oh my gosh you are so creative and those tear drops are beautiful! The picture of your little is priceless!

Jessica said...

Love the way you're reusing the tube paper--I'd also want something to fill the empty spaces! Glad I'm not the only one.

Driving around the neighborhood (before our outside Christmas lights were turned on for the season,) my little guy asked, "Is it Christmas at their house?" Asked this all through Halloween season too, because we don't do Halloween lights. At three years old, he's already keeping up with the Joneses!

Marielle said...

Thanks Denise. The snowflakes/tear drops are pretty addictive to make.

Jessica he sounds like a hoot! Yeah, there's nothing like an excited toddler to light a fire under a mom's butt LOl.