Monday, August 16, 2010

NOT back in the saddle

Remember how I gushed in my last post that I was back? Yeah, for an ADD person that's like announcing on January 1st that you won't ever touch chocolate while PMSing, you'll put away your clothes immediately after the dryer stops or that you'll unload the dishwasher instead of pulling out one piece at a time until the thing needs to be reloaded. Yeah, my "woohoo! I'm back" was followed by a deafening silence that spanned weeks. Typical. So I'm now announcing that I'm NOT back in the saddle in true opposite day form. For that matter I'm getting soooooo much done around the house (not). And I'm definitely not wearing a snuggly baby in order to get stuff done around the house. Exhibit A:


Notice the super clean mirror (not) and my very cheerful face (I could work for the mob with that expression). For those of you seeking a more chipper version click here. I also did not have rice pudding for breakfast the other day. Super delicious, creamy and sweet Dominican style rice pudding using my mom's recipe. Nope, no I didn't and I also didn't lick the spoon clean because frankly what kind of manners are those?


So sometime soon I won't be posting some random stream of consciousness catch up posts. I'm so not back in the saddle. Really.

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