Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That was bound to happen.

Those who know me know two very important things:

1. I'm big on natural and home remedies. If it's reasonable (and in my mind that can be a bit of a stretch) then I'm willing to try it. Well, let's look at number two actually . . .

2. Willing to try it as in give it to everyone else in the household. Remember me the former picky kid? My mom was also big on herbal/home remedies. One famous concoction we chugged down involved shark oil, raw garlic and raw onion among other ingredients blended into the most goopy, vile liquid known to a child. So while I have no problem giving my kids or Mr. Maricucu safe home remedies I typically am not so quick to dose myself. However, in my defense my kids are very good remedy drinkers. You should see the stuff they chug down and don't bat an eyelash. Their cod liver oil/probiotic powder morning shot? They will loudly complain when I forget it. I kid you not.

So the other day I had these two bottles on my counter. They both look pretty similar especially on the darker inner corner of my counter.


I grabbed the yellow the one on the left and gave all three kids a drop of what I thought was vitamin D. The bottle on the right.


It wasn't until I dosed myself that I recoiled in horror when I tasted garlic and bitterness. I quickly looked at the bottle and realized I had just dosed everyone with this.


Yes, ear oil. Bitter willow and pungent garlic ear oil. Thankfully not a big deal toxicity wise but when I tasted that awful mix I immediately asked the kids why they didn't say anything and told Mr. Maricucu to stop laughing at me. The kids responded that they didn't notice. Lovely. Note to self: Read labels carefully.

And because my sister has loudly protested the absence of recent baby photos this is for her. Outfit also courtesy of my sister and handed down from another absolutely adorable little girl.


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