Saturday, April 10, 2010

TV by proxy.

I've mentioned before how I watch a lot of TV by proxy. I've got my husband on the hook for letting me know what eventually happens on Lost despite me not having watched anything past the first season. I'm sort of addicted to The Movie Spoiler because I can satisfy my curiosity about a horror flick without having to watch the darned thing and end up replaying it in my head. Yes that totally makes sense to me. Here's a tip: TMS also works great for those very involved multilayered plots that leave you gasping and saying, "no way!" at the end. You can go back through the synopsis to reprocess all those foreshadowing details again and again. What? People don't do that? Do people actually leave a movie without replaying it over and over in their heads while annoying their significant other exclaiming about plot points at random times the following week? Huh, go figure.

Another show that we started watching together but I quickly forgot to keep watching, was Can We Duet. Great show put on by Country Music Television where existing duets (or soloists who are paired up) battled it out a la American Idol without the sickeningly sweet bubble gum pop. The first season one of my favorite pairs was Joey + Rory, a sweet down to earth couple who didn't take themselves too seriously. By the second season I missed all but one episode however loved the winning duo - Steel Magnolia. Not only were they named after one of my favorite movies but their voices (particularly the female vocalist, Meghan Linsey) were lovely. Here they are giving a live performance with nothing but a guitar and a set of drums.


Denise said...

speaking of tv -someone put a bug in my ear about fireman sam on demand so i had to check it out (since my little is into it too) and he LOVES it. LOL they both do actually.

Marielle said...

LOL seems he's preaching the Fireman Sam all over the place. I'm glad someone else gets to enjoy it too.;)