Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh those cravings again.

This week I gave into a visual craving. I saw this huge bunch of flowers at the grocery store and just had to have them. It probably didn't help that the 4 year old was egging me on each time we passed the wrapped cellophane bunches. The baby keeps trying to yank them and knock them over but thankfully these are a pretty sturdy variety.


Of course I've had food cravings too and for the first time in a couple of weeks this one didn't involve sugar. Nope, just plantains mashed up into a Dominican mangu, topped with sauteed oil & vinegar onions and a couple of fried eggs. Mr. Maricucu grew up on grits, gravy and biscuits but I grew up on mangu with a variety of accompaniments.


What you'll get next to a serving of mangu is at the very least some fried eggs but if your mom is a true Dominican you'll get some queso frito (a squeaky, large curd farmer's cheese that is dusted in flour and fried), fried Dominican salami (good if you like it but a no-no in my home) and a hunk of some type of hoop cheese. Topping that pile of mangu are sauteed onions in olive oil that have been hit with a bit of vinegar as well.

The only problem with these types of cravings is that if you live far away from your mom you have to make them yourself. Small sacrifice, I say.


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