Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh my, I may have scarred her for life.

I've finally gotten around my mental block and picked up the waldorf doll again. In a burst of inspiration, procrastination or misdirected nesting I put a bit of a dent in the dolly's body this week. Now, the last time I worked on the boys' dolls it was all secretive evening work but this time I've been working on the third specimen out in the open. I had heard there was a bit of a risk in doing this. Some children might be horrified to see their dolls without facial features, hair or limbs and *sniff* never want to see them again.


I must admit that once I closed the seam on top of the head (yes it's supposed to look like that) I made a concerted effort not to let baby see the doll in this particular stage to avoid having such a moment. So I set the doll aside in my sewing room and added to my list of professions I would suck at - surgeon, right there next to singer and anything requiring an attention span longer than that of a squirrel.


Looks pretty gruesome huh? I promise the position of the needle was totally a mindless thing. Just like I do with all my other hand sewing. Little did I know it would look so, um, bad.


But I was worried for nothing. The minute little girl entered my sewing room she saw dolly from across the way and it was all I could do to grab the needle before this scene played out. Cue the music maestro.




And now this momma has a fire lit under her bottom to finish this particular project.


Muse Mama said...

Oh, she looks so sweet giving her dolly a kiss! That's a precious little girl right there. My 2 year old kisses our baby like that, but there is something so special about seeing one of my littlest ones show love and care for a dolly.

Denise said...

too cute

Marin!! said...

I love the pic with the kiss. So cute!! I don't think she will particularly care if you finish it! She seems happy with the doll as it is now :)

Tanyia said...

awwwww...she's so adorable!

Marielle said...

Thanks! I've still got scary dolly on the cutting table only now it looks like I'm practicing voodoo because she's got pins where I've marked her facial features. Must fix that soon.

Chula said...

oh thats so sweet! She's so beautiful.

Marielle said...

Thanks for the sweet post Delma.

Cheryl Arkison said...

That last photo is darling!

Marielle said...

Thanks Cheryl!