Saturday, March 13, 2010

I had such high hopes.

When I saw this book on the featured section of our library I made a beeline for it. In fact I think the kids thought I might have spotted candy instead of a new sewing book. As soon as we were home and fed, I cracked open the cover but much to my dismay I was less than impressed.


Thank goodness for the library system because had I purchased the book it would have instantly gone in the sell/trade pile. Don't get me wrong the designs are okay, the photography pretty whimsical but having spent the last couple of years learning to sew so that things look well put together, the last thing I want to do is then dress my child in fraying, wrinkled hems with what looks like the contents of Aunt Lucy's hope chest super glued to the sleeves and neckline. So, back to the library it goes and I'll go back to my beloved Google Reader where generous fellow bloggers provide great inspiration on a daily basis.


Tanya said...

I have heard others say the same thing about this book. Bummer too because IMHO there are far too many great sewing books for kids' stuff.

Marielle said...

To be fair I think the Japanese aesthetic has done a lot to pump some new blood in the sewing/crafting community it's just that I think there are far better books in the genre.