Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The first of many wristlets.

I made this on a whim for a dear friend's birthday. I had seen a zippered pouch tutorial on the Flossie Teacakes blog and bookmarked it because I wasn't really inspired just then. This month the inspiration came. My friend, a busy mom, loves to go on walks with her kids and I figured a well-sized wristlet with a snappable strap would be perfect to tote on such outings. Where the flossie teacakes tutorial shines is in her attention the detail (check out the tabs covering the end of the zipper) and firm suggestion to use interfacing. The interfacing gives the wristlet proper body and makes it feel like one you could buy in any boutique (but not really because it's one of a kind). I've also been itching for a project to use this bird print. I love the super bright colors against the deep chocolate background. I had used a teensy bit of it in my mom's log cabin pillow but really needed to showcase this print some more.


The lining is of course a super bright color. Lately, I'm embracing my love for bright color but since this project was not for me I played it safe and saved the punch of orange for the inside.


I started with 10"x6" rectangles of fabric and sewed up the wristlet with 1/4" seams so it would hold a large bifold wallet, a phone and a few more odds and ends.



I couldn't help but add a bit color to the outside as well. An atom red zipper . . .


. . . and some matching snaps on the the strap so she could attach the wristlet to her sling rings, other bag or anything else.


Oh and I'm definitely making more. At the very least one for my niece and one for me which is odd for this fickle ADD-proned sewist. We'll see . . .


Denise said...

beautiful. I love that print too.

Lowell said...

That looks awesome, and I love that print too!

Marielle said...

Thanks Denise and Lowell. I definitely had fun putting it together too.

Florence said...

Thank you so much for sending me your link - you've finished it so perfectly - it looks gorgeous. I love the additions to the pattern that you've made too - would you be happy for me to steal a picture of it at some point for me to post on my blog (crediting you, obviously)?

What a lucky friend you have - I hope she liked it.

Florence x

Tanyia said...

She totally does! :)

Marielle said...

LOL. Glad to hear it.