Sunday, March 7, 2010

'Cause she's got . . . personality!

I've shared before how even I, the lyric mangler, has songs randomly popping in my head during the day like some kind of personal soundtrack. Today's soundtrack is brought to you courtesy of Lloyd Price. Definitely an oldie (shhh don't tell my dad I said that) but a goodie.

Back to Miss Personality as you listen to the music. She sure has enough to go around and good thing considering the food stained shirt she seems to be sporting at any hour of the day. Indulge me for a moment as I present her newest kissing fish face. Nothing melts a parent more than when your kid first learns to kiss. Although I could do without the *ahem* slobber issue but I'm willing to overlook it.




And yes all of these pictures were taken of her on my dining room table. After a short reprieve during which Mr. Maricucu and I were breathing a sigh of relief she's gone back to climbing up there and this time dancing like a mad woman. It's enough to give me a heart attack several times a day.


Thankfully at the end of the day there's sewing therapy. A little inspiration turned to actual sewing this time around. Still not done but I've never claimed to be a super productive sewist. It's the only way I can enjoy the process.



Chula said...

Izzy loves climbing on the dining room table too! Good thing they are cute huh =). I love her little fishy face, wish Izzy would learn that we are still in the open mouth kissing phase LOL.

Margaret said...


Marielle said...

Thanks Delma and Meg! She's definitely quite the character.