Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beginnings. Week 2

The second half of the beginnings theme for Project 52. This time it's personal. Back in November I found this nifty little people typing thing that's related to how you dress. So the new photo off to the right? That's my after. The necklace on the book? That's my "type" of jewelry and yes it definitely fits me to a T despite my aversion to accessories for years. The page to which the book is open? Yes it's my type and if you know me in real life you'll chuckle at the inset quote.

My beginning though, was spurred on by the external makeover. I've done quite a bit of introspection since then, both related and unrelated which has peeled off a big 'ol bandaid. I'm hoping this is the year for healing old wounds as well as the beginning of a healed me.


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