Friday, September 24, 2010


Wow it's been a while since I posted a video. Not because I haven't laughed at anything lately but because my brain is fried and when I am in front of the computer and not the droid the kids seem to have their kid-dar out for "oh no momma is concentrating!" So it's quite appropriate that I post something related to mayhem - the Allstate mayhem commercials. The deadpan tone of voice from Dean Winters is like Ben Stein channeling Bobcat Goldthwait. Since Mr. Maricucu must be pretty tired of me guffawing at these spots I figured I'd post one on the blog for posterity.

I'm just this shy of not too old to get the references but it's pretty scary to realize that in another couple of years I'll be completely out of the loop regarding modern slang. Heck, I didn't even know who this Dean Winters guy was until I googled him. It may sound pretty bleak but TV for me is limited to food network and HGTV so I don't have to put up with overly tanned "reality tv" stars, canceled favorites or bad news.

Oh and a little note to my friends and visitors. I'm not ignoring comments, I promise. I'm just barely functioning on a daily basis (in a good way) and like to dedicate a little time and thought to my replies. So just consider me delayed at responding in an ADD/procrastinator kind of way.

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