Monday, September 13, 2010

It's so exciting

Receiving new school supplies that is. I know enough people like me to know I'm not the lone freak. Whether smooth sharp pencils, brand new pens, unblemished notebooks or as in my public school days being the first student to christen a textbook. It all makes me giddy still. So non-homeschoolers might be feeling pity for me right now, assuming that I would not ever experience the thrill of new supplies. Well then you might be wrong.


Check it out people! The science portion* of our resources for this year. Not only do we get to break in the books but Houston we've even got sealed science kits. Oh yes, yes, yes sealed kits which will go against ever fiber in my being to disrupt them and actually use them. Yes I'm weird like that. I thought you knew. Let's just say that consumables make me weep and shiver all at the same time. If it were up to me I'd have a set of brand new books, notebooks and pencils just for petting, then another set for actually using.

So yes, we're now "official" homeschoolers as recognized by our state and really that means nothing has changed. Well, nothing except now I have a whole new excuse to shop. Someone alert the presses!

* Forgive the poor cell phone pic. I was opening up the new stuff alone in my bedroom and if I had stepped out for the camera my little people would have been alerted to "something cool 'cause momma broke out the camera". Then it would have all gone south from there.


Kay said...

It's photos like this and this time of year, that has me missing our homeschool days the most. But children do grow up, graduate (from one's homeschool!) and become productive members of society. And sometimes they start homeschooling their own children, which means Grammie can still breathe in the smell of books and new pencils again.
Thanks for sharing. :o)

Tanya said...

Looks like fun stuff, and many familiar books in there! :)

Marielle said...

Taking care of the comment reply backlog . . .

Kay that is such a sweet thought! Even though we did PS my mom gets a kick out of sharing the homeschooling moments with the kids when she visits.

Tanya good to know it's rated fun. We've really enjoyed it so far.