Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's either the kids or me.


We're freaking people out and I have a hunch it may be both. There I am in all my current sherpa mom glory with the camera armor fiercely in place. I purposely chose this angle because right now this belly is so obscenely protruding, people gasp a little when I turn and they see a side view instead of a front or back.

The kids and I were eating out the other day and as I was heading out of the restaurant with all three by my side, I noticed people were giving us some strange looks. Could be that it was the day I picked the only thing that was clean and fit (a long flowy skirt), fitted shirt and my favorite my-kid-sister-gave-them-to-me-sparkly-sandals leaving people wondering if labor was imminent, or the mini herd of children calling me momma. I'm not sure, but it was the first time I noticed people obviously staring at our family. Weird.

A couple of days later at the museum of art, yet more looks. Older folk looked slightly amused at the crew and me circling Rodin's sculptures, college students looked horrified at the audacity of taking children (you know, what they were mere minutes ago themselves) to such a cultured place. Never mind I caught at least a half dozen of them snapping their cameras away closely at some statue's nether regions. Then one museum staffer just about lost her marbles when one of mine asked aloud if he could step on the rug. Ummmm, no honey that's an ancient mosaic floor, not a rug. I could see her breathe a sigh of relief as the realization that I wasn't going to let my child trample on the artifact washed over her.

I'm finding it quite amusing to see people reacting to children being brought out you know, in public, as the quite lewd Ron White would say. Puzzles me to think of the alternative, but in the meantime we create a little public spectacle each time we go out on an outing. Hey you college students looking my way, feast your eyes sweeties. In a few years with a toss of the coin you could be just as lucky.

Later this week I will amaze you with my ability to finally post the strawberry shortcake recipe only about a month late. Yes, I rock.


P.S.: Just for a little perspective here's the same belly at around 20ish weeks. Now add another 6 inches straight in front of me and you've got a good idea of what I look like right now and why I don't even bother taking side shots anymore. I think the only reason my mother believes I've been pregnant four times is because she eventually gets to see a grandchild at the end but I'm just not big on photographing myself during pregnancy. There I said it, take me away belly shot police.



Anonymous said...

OMGosh, I did not know you were preg. Congratulations. I want to see posts of the things you have sewn for the baby lol

Marielle said...

LOL Hee. Yeah we're expecting a little girl. I haven't been sewing at all for the baby but she's covered as far as her needs. I'm very very tired lately. Hope you and the boys are doing well.