Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm not a beader but I play one on TV.


I'm not a huge jewelry person but after nursing for 6.5 continuous years figured it was time for a nursing necklace. For those who are thinking I'm celebrating being a registered nurse a nursing necklace is something moms wear to keep baby's hands occupied while nursing and in the distractible as well as fiddly stage. That and getting to wear some pretty beads doesn't hurt either. However, I've never made jewelry before and this was sort of a last minute decision while at the craft store. I found a nice large donut shaped jasper pendant that I liked, picked out some cord I thought would work and came home to look up some hints on google. I quickly learned two things: 1. I forgot to buy a clasp, thus the super long length of necklace right now. 2. I should have bought some nylon or other water resistant cord. Right now my beads are strung on leather.


But not too bad for a beginner, huh? The necklace is actually straight but I shifted in the odd self-portrait. Being the waste-not-want-not type I had to use the other beads in the packet. I made sure to knot between the beads in an effort to keep a tugging baby from creating a shower of beads over her head and will be buying the clasp soon to bring the length from "Look here! Here, here, huge belly!" to at least the upper hemisphere. Although, now that I think about it that might not be any better. At least it will bring it closer to baby's hands.


Anonymous said...

I've found wit mine that the extra length isn't a bad thing, and if you can make it adjustable, even better. G likes to pull them as far away from me as he can, and his limiting factor is the length of his arm, NOT the length of my necklace. So the necklace needs to be pretty long if I want to avoid having my head and neck jerked around.

Delma said...

That's gorgeous, i will definitely have to make one of these next time. So i know you have been making stuff for baby ,I hope we will see some posts of that nature soon..hint..hint ;).

Marin!! said...

Marielle! Very pretty necklace. I think you ARE a beader. I can't wait to meet said baby soon. :)

Marielle said...

THanks for the tip Amii, it's good to know the extra length will work too. Is the adjustable clasp something I can purchase ready made or something I need to cobble together myself?

Delma you're too kind. I'm one of those super lazy, unmotivated, pregnant sewing moms *hangs head in shame*. The only thing I'm working on right now is a stash of diapers in the large size so that I don't have to make them any time after the baby is born. Otherwise she's covered in hand me downs. I don't usually regain my sewing mojo until a couple of months afterwards. We'll see how long it takes now.

Marin thanks! Let's pray she waits for me to finish the diapers (I feel like the dunkin donuts guy LOL). I'm responding soon to the email btw.