Thursday, May 6, 2010

A busy day.

I keep most of our days pretty low key. Anything that involves packing up everyone up into the car is a production and instantly gets weighed on my grand scale of "is it worth it?" But we had an errand to run the other day and then I figured if we were all in good spirits we'd hit Target for our annual summer stockup.


Our first stop was at a local meeting point to pick up some fresh produce. We're trying out a CSA of sorts but one that allows you to pick the produce and the quantity as well as offering extra options like local honey, jams, dairy products and baked goods. Knowing we've got hearty appetites and love to have leftovers I opted for the large box, added a pint of local heavy cream and a flat of strawberries. Ummm, wow. See those green onions? There were two large bunches at least three feet long. The two leafy things behind them are jersey cabbages which will be put to good use for some pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow.


The asparagus we had tonight with meatloaf and smashed potatoes using those beautiful new potatoes. Delicious but since there were two large bunches of asparagus, I cooked up both and chopped up the leftovers to toss into some quiche. It's my half-hearted attempt at stocking up our freezer with meals for after the baby arrives. We'll see if it works. I tossed some of the tomatoes into a batch of Huevos Flamenco last night and even put together a simple cucumber and radish salad to go along with that meal.


Oh and we did not forget the berries. Heavens no. Around here any sort of fruit is fair game (we've got two full fruit baskets) but fresh and in season North Carolina berries are a treasure and we dig in. The kids had the two large 2qt baskets the first day the berries were home and that evening we used more from the flat of strawberries to give a strawberry shortcake recipe a try. The shortcakes were absolutely divine and we've got only about 2-3 quarts of berries left. We've had strawberries with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm going to have to order some more flats just to be able to put up any jam.


Now regarding our annual stockup it's sort of an informal tradition. We replace the wading pool if necessary, get a few new sandbox toys and one or two items of interest for the backyard. This time the object of desire was a snorkel set. Apparently after a couple of episodes of Curious George my two older boys wanted to give snorkeling in the pool a try. Like my mother says, "que duren mis penas" loosely translated, may they last as long as my pity/shame which is usually not long.



Chula said...

Happy Mother's Day ,Hope You Have A Great Day!!!!!

Marielle said...

Thanks Delma! Hope yours was enjoyable as well.