Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why do I only remember to buy liquor when I'm pregnant?


Now don't go getting all in a huff that the pregnant lady is hitting the bottle. It just always seems I get a severe urge to make more vanilla extract while I'm pregnant. I'm guessing because I know it will brew while I'm heavily babymooning and thus I'm still multi-tasking. Yes it's a sickness.

Last week while Mr. Maricucu was in the car and could stay with the kids I stopped by the ABC store (North Carolina's government run liquor stores) and made a run. While I will brave the judging eyes with my protruding belly what I will not do is take my three into a small store stocked top to bottom with glass bottles. My mom didn't raise a fool. Well at least this sibling, I can't vouch for my sister and brother.* So I go in the store to stock up on more vodka for the vanilla and finally remembered that I needed to get margarita fixings. No, people I'm not drinking margaritas. Mr. Maricucu is not much of a drinker but he does enjoy a margarita every now and then so I figured it might be nice to make them at home. Of course, I know as much about mixing drinks as I do about rocket science. Actually my knowledge of mixed drinks is likely in the negative territory while rocket science is squarely on the zero. So the poor little old man that was manning the counter gave me an impromptu lesson on tequila. I'm sure he totally believed my story that it was for my husband. As I was walking back to the car with my bottles of vodka, tequila and triple sec Mr. Maricucu was giggling to himself at the thought of his expecting wife and the looks she must have gotten while in the store. Eh, it works for me.

So sometime this week a little tutorial on how I make my vanilla. For the record I didn't go on a vodka buying binge, the two bottles on the left were ones already in my possession. Like a proper child of my mother I find it hard to let go of perfectly good bottles and reuse with abandon.

* Marielle's brother and sister's aren't fools but since they are her siblings she is allowed to tease them mercilessly. Anyone not blood related to H. and B. better back off because Marielle has been known to defend her siblings. 'Nuff said.


Lowell said...

I find it impossible to resist the urge to find out if some vodkas are better than others-so I have 3 bottles brewing that are all different brands. I suspect that it won't make any difference, but I can't seem to help myself. I'm impressed with your row of same bottles. The last ones I did half size containers (pints maybe)-I thought they might be nice for gifting.

I read online about making vanilla with rum. I might try that next time...

Marielle said...

There's no method to my madness either Lowell. I just went for the middle shelf hoping it wouldn't be a gut burning vodka and said a prayer LOL. Can't wait to hear how the rum comes out.