Friday, April 2, 2010

A quickie.

A quick little cocoon for newborn photos. There will be one in July of course and I might get to sneak in a little practice before then. Until then Mr. Floppy serves as a chunkier albeit more cooperative standin.


Just some cranberry colored homespun (it's much deeper in real life) and unblocked per the pattern's suggestion. Thanks to Melissa for her lovely All You Need is Love free cocoon pattern. I did mine on size 10 needles and cast on 60 stitches. It's roughly 9 x 14" but I can pretty much coax it into different sizes by tugging and pulling which is what I needed for trying out different poses. Forgive the very messy sewing room floor. I only vacuum when I notice it, um like now.


And here's a little something that the kids and I are loving. Andrew Bird performing Dr. Stringz and pretty much entrancing all of us with his very smooth, melodious voice. I'm not really into music to the extent most people are collecting albums, downloading and listening all the time. However every now and then I hear something that's just pleasing to the ear. Must check out more of his songs in the near future. Be sure to turn up the volume.


Denise said...

oh we loved mr strings too! used to be colin's favorite show for so long!

Marielle said...

Yeah the kids love Jack and I find the music to be quite good sometimes.