Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So have you ever taken one of those Myers-Briggs personality tests?

I used to see those 4 letter combos thrown all over the place and my eyes would glaze over while I quickly jumped paragraphs. It's not that I found them boring but my ADD prevented me from sitting down long enough to take the inventory myself and really until I do something, it makes no sense to me. I find that applies to a lot in my life. Want me to "get" something? Forcefully shove my hands in elbow deep then wait for me to process. Then stand back because I'm a talker and I process verbally.

So, about that test. I took it and voila - I'm an ESFP.


Okay so that doesn't help much does it? I did find the personality description hysterical. This more detailed description of ESFPs helped a bit more. While I straddle the line on some indicators I definitely am a story teller, and talk (write as well) in what may seem an unfocused manner but I'm covering territory. I'm also an avid talker.

Almost every ESFP loves to talk. Some can be identified by the twenty minute conversation required to ask or answer a simple factual question.

If you've ever had the pleasure of speaking with me you'll know the above is true. I can't help it and what certainly doesn't help my case of "super talker" is my ability to catalog random bits of information excessively but ask me where my purse is currently located and I'll have to think about it. Want to know the kicker? Mr. Maricucu hasn't taken this test but he is most definitely an introvert. Feelings? What are those? Perception? Too vague. Give him concrete, give him clear, give it to him in as few words as possible and then give him space. The poor man. *giggle*

Tomorrow, I promise I come bearing whoopie pies. (or at least a recipe)



Margaret said...

my mom was a myers brig fanatic! I'm an INFJ and have been since high school I think.

Ash said...

Another INFJ here...incidentally, I tend to be drawn to E_FP friendships. ;OP

Chula said...

INFJ here as well =)

Marielle said...

Wow! Now this is interesting. I'm definitely going to have to read more on the other profiles then.