Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please pray and please help.


I don't like to use this little niche of mine as some kind of platform for social issues. Please don't think that's going to change. I'm also not going to assault you with current events and news since I take those in little bites myself, digesting as much as I can tolerate emotionally and praying for those that I can't digest but know still go on.

However, I know by now you've heard of the earthquake in Haiti. Being Dominican, I have family on that island shared by Dominicans and Haitians alike. Thankfully not much happened in Dominican Republic and from what I've heard my family seems to be okay. In Haiti there is much more sorrow, much more work to be done by those who were already there, doing, blessing and working even before this earthquake. If you'd like to help in any way, please do (that link lists several organizations that were already doing a great work in Haiti). Even if you cannot help at this moment, please pray for those are helping as well as those who are needing help.


Molly said...

i just got a message from jade of craft hope today - they're opening up an etsy shop to raise money for relief work. just thought i'd pass it on.

Artist said...

I feel with you and everybody being involved.

Marielle said...

Molly thank you so much for posting that. Will definitely check out the craft hope etsy shop.

Artist, definitely a devastating situation.

Chula said...

Praying and will continue to do so.