Thursday, January 28, 2010

A moment in time.

I love how a picture can freeze time. The boys had asked to play a game and I told them to go take it to my room in order to protect it from their sister's hands. So they set up on the trunk and were so quiet I just had to investigate.


Quiet a sweet scene wouldn't you say? Except that moms know their kids and I know mine all too well. That six year old? Text book case of a competitive streak that starts during the fifth year and only intensifies with the sixth. Must win at all costs but he actually wants to play the game in order to do so. The four year old? Could not care less that there are actual rules to the game. His sole purpose to amass as many of those cool cards as possible, not necessarily by the book. A conflict in their views? You bet. Not five minutes after I'd left the room with that serene scene imprinted into my mind and a satisfied smile on my face I heard struggle.

Walked in to the four year old about to literally throttle his older brother for what I'm sure was the lack of shared vision and too little words. Sigh. Peace between siblings is quite fleeting.


Stacy said...

Aw, what a sweet scene. I know what you mean by fleeting peace. When my two are in high form, but I can figure between the two of them what happened, it's almost always a miscommunication. Then, one invariably says "Oh", in a tone which conveys "why didn't he just SAY so?" As if he had been listening anyway. Ah, brothers.

Margaret said...

I'm lol. Love your blogging! And yeah those moments are fleeting!

Marielle said...

Thanks Meg! Those moments give us moms a respite for sure.

Oh Stacy that sounds like an improvement with age. Right now the throttling happens and then the shrieking ensues and it's not pretty. Thankfully they are showing signs of beginning to want to pay attention to each other's words even if it is to refute them LOL.