Friday, January 15, 2010

The little heart pincushion.

This pincushion was a last minute addition to my swap package. I subscribe to the Moda Bakeshop blog mostly for the eye candy since I'm not a serious quilter by any stretch of the imagination. But when I saw this pincushion a couple of weeks ago I was smitten instantly. The odd thing is I'm not a pincushion person. I know, the horror! I sew but being a bit clumsy and having kids around I prefer my magnetic pincushion for those times I need to sweep the carpeted floor for an obscure pin. Ouch. However, sewing for someone else is the perfect excuse to try something new.


I picked out two fabrics that I thought my assigned swapping mom would like and about halfway into the first or second step I realized this little tutorial produces two pincushions. Since it made no sense to keep two triangles of unsewn fabric in the stash knowing I would never get back to them I went ahead and made two.


So just a few tips, I didn't bother with piecing fabric. I kept it simple with one print for each side. Also, don't cut triangles. Sewing fabric on the bias is an invitation for wonkiness and rippling. Just put your two squares right side together and draw a line from one corner to another dividing it into two equal triangles. Then from that line draw another line 1/4" away. Repeat on the other side of that middle bisecting line. This will be your stitching line. Sew as instructed in the tutorial including along the middle stitching lines. THEN cut and turn the triangles.

I was being lazy, um industrious, so I used rice to stuff and weigh the back (about 1/2 cup per pincushion) and then wool roving for the front.


Stitch up the tie/bow and then tie it on. Adorable. Might convince me to become a pincushion person, but maybe when my kids are much older. In the meantime I have this extra pincushion just hanging around here with no purpose. But wait! You can adopt pincushion number two. That's right I'm giving it away.


What's the catch? Really there's none. I'm not going to tell you to tweet me (I'm not on twitter, yes I'm an old fogie). I'm not going to tell you to post this on facebook, your blog or hassle your granny in order to get another entry. In fact, totally random bit of info but I actually know most people that read my blog. Some are friends online from long, long ago. Some are friends close by, some are family. Some are recent visitors too but I feel I know them after a while too.

Anyone is welcome to leave a comment if you wish to receive adorable pincushion #2. Then I'll finally get to use that random number generator thingie which until now has eluded me in my everyday life. Because asking it which load of laundry to throw in today is not nearly as fun. Oh and you don't have to be a sewist to want the pincushion either. I know we all have our "thing". If you want to poke earrings into it or just let it be a pretty dustcatcher on your dresser that's okay. Want to regift it? Fine by me. Just enjoy it or share the love. Oh and I'll probably throw in a couple of those lipbalms too so you can smooch away this winter with soft lips.

I'll pick a winner by Monday morning sometime after waking up.



Denise said...

well, i never win anything so I'll go ahead and comment even though I don't want to take it away from anyone serious about sewing. it is adorable. You are sooooo inspiring and crafty! :)

I am hoping to finish (mostly start-snicker) a reading pillow soon- but I have a LOT on my plate and know nothing about sewing. I've cut a few pieces of fabric out so far, not even sure I'm doing that right. LOL

So cute M!

Chula said...

I'm just starting to get in to sewing ,so I don't have a pincushion yet. I'd love to give this beautiful one a home. BTW it's really funny that you posted this because I was going to suggest you do ablog giveaway for your lipbalm..LOL.

Gina said...

It's so cute! But I don't don't include me...I just wanted to comment on how much I love it anyway. And I was wondering if you have an etsy, or if you just like to label things? ;) I noticed your cute tag, and love the labels on your lip balm. It's so neat looking! :)

Jessica said...

Count me in! It's adorable and I love the fabrics you chose.

carrie said...

question :) - do you think the rice would do a bit of the sand sharpening task too? in my humid universe i am forever cleaning my pins and needles!

Margaret said...

aww-it's cute. Especially love your labels! My needles are sticking in a peice of felt right now, lol.

Stacy said...

Ooh, count me in, please! I gave my 'extra' pincushion away to one of my boys. :)

I keep meaning to ask, where did you get those cute labels to put on everything? Do you print them yourself? They make your projects look so professional.

Lowell said...

oh awesome-I'll give it a try! I love those fabrics.

Marielle said...

Gina, you are so intuitive. Yup I just like to label things. I don't sell anything, just make things for fun for now. Maybe when the kids are grown LOL.

Stacy, I bought those labels a while back from a lady named Carmen (her biz is Luscious Labels). I've heard she's kind of hard to get a hold of lately so another good source is MissLabel (they're stamped, acetate ribbon labels and I just made up a quick logo myself with my nickname).

Chula said...

What kind of labelmaker do you use for your lipbalm labels?