Friday, January 1, 2010

He's almost four.


Poor kid deserves not only a day-of-birthday post but also a pre-birthday post. When your birthday is isolated wayyyyy into the beginning of the new year and you have a sibling birthday in September, another in October, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, let's just say it seems like your birthday will never arrive. In fact, this year as he has become more aware of birthdays and celebrations every time another holiday or birthday comes up he frantically looks at me and asks, "momma but what about my birthday?"

He was actually due for December 23rd but an ice storm, Christmas, and even New Year's were not enough to convince him to come out. Finally when I had given up hope that he would be born before Valentine's Day he was born on January 3rd when I was thoroughly exhausted but ready. I should have realized it was just a hint of his very laid back personality. He's been taking his sweet time with everything ever since.

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