Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Frustration, brought to you by the color blue.

Warning, if you're a little OCD or lean to the perfectionist side the following pictures might be a bit too unsettling.

This is how the neck binding around little girl's shirt is supposed to look. Tidy rows of stitching and a neckline that lays flat.


When it doesn't turn out that way because say, oh you forgot to take off the piece of tape you usually use to mark your pattern pieces and stitched it into the binding then you have to rip it out. Yeah not pretty especially since the binding has three rows of stitching (one hidden on the inside). Want to know what adds insult to injury? I used the triple stretch stitch. If you're familiar with this stitch you know that each little stitch is actually three (one forward, one back, one forward) which makes it exceedingly fun (not) to rip out.


So I tried hacking at it from the back sacrificing the binding strip but it was a no go. I figured my sanity was worth cutting out a brand new front piece and a brand new binding strip.


Ahhh there, much better.



Chula said...

I love that fabric so much, I can't wait to see the finished product!

Marielle said...

Thanks Delma! If I had more of that turquoise I'd be tempted to make something for myself. I love that color.