Monday, October 4, 2010

Swinging from the rafters . . .

. . . was not what I was doing on Saturday night. After a hectic week Mr. Maricucu told me to take off around dinner time and blow off some steam. With the nursling in tow I did what most moms dream about - ate a meal at a snail's pace all while enjoying a magazine and letting the nursling nurse. Heaven. Then I decided to check out some photography books and magazines at Barnes and Noble. With my selections in hand, I found what I thought would be a quiet corner and sat on the floor to nurse the baby again while I read. Can I say it again? Yes, heavenly. My vantage point as I relaxed:


My brief bliss was suddenly broken by a conversation. Picture it - young 19ish year old college guy. The type that feels he's just so much smarter than his peers. He's out with his crush dujour, a little ingenue looking at him as my Abuela would say, "like he's Rock Hudson." Except when she says it, it sounds like "rog hoodson" and I love that. So back to our little 90201 couple. As they round the corner to the next aisle he says in all his self-important glory, "Do you know what the greatest threat to a security system is?" Dramatic pause. "People."

Gah! Gag me now. I felt awkward for them.

I bet you five bucks he heard that not even the week before, 10 bucks judging by her giggle that she took it hook line and sinker and a grand prize of $20 ladies and gentlemen, that it's not the first time he used that line. Then I wondered if I sounded as snotty, yet as blissfully young and ignorant as they did when I was their age.


By the way, sorry for torturing you guys with cruddy phone camera shots. My camera is in some black hole and I'm not sure when it will return. Hopefully soon. But here's another freaky shot. Playing with the brightness on said phone to get a good shot of the baby's eyes.


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