Monday, October 18, 2010

Random TV show association.

I have these random moments that trigger memories like when you find that dusty cardboard box in your attic and pull out item after item in awe at the time that's passed. Somehow the other day I was watching The Nanny. Don't ask. It involved me nursing and not being near the remote. This episode guest starred Joe Bologna and I remembered one of his very short lived shows that my sister and I absolutely adored. Rags to Riches. I immediately had to search on youtube and apparently I'm not alone in my crazy devotion. We loved the kooky plot of a widower adopting 5 grownish girls but most of all we loved the music. Yes the random acts of dancing and song love started when I was a kid. Music that had my mom's ear cocked our TV's way because she recognized almost all the songs (my mom rocked the 60s). Just like these current teeny boppers loving everything 90s again *sigh* everyone was obsessed with the 50s and 60s back then. I loved, loved, loved Tisha Campbell.

Of course that reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors the movie. I can't remember how many times we watched that one but too many too count. I will not admit to singing with a hairbrush along with Ms. Campbell and her crew. Nope, didn't do it.

Seeing Tichina Arnold triggered the memories of watching Martin religiously then going to school the next day to laugh about it with friends. Sheneneh and Pam were the highlights of almost every episode. Be warned, mild but colorful language in this one:

After guffawing over Sheneneh I couldn't help but remember In Living Color, another 90s favorite. Fire Marshall Bill and Homey the Clown were my top picks but Wanda and Venus De Milo are a close second. Definitely kind of on the rude and crude side but I can't help laughing still. Here's a more tame skit with Jim Carey as Background Guy.

I realized two things after my mini flashback:

1. I have a strange sense of humor
2. I watched way too much TV as a kid


Marin said...

And I won't admit to owning a copy of Little Shop of Horrors on DVD. Nope... ;)

Marielle said...

Hmmmm, I'm thinking movie night! Especially since the boys are still a bit young for it. There's no fun in watching Little Shop without a friend.