Thursday, September 2, 2010


Back when my oldest was a baby I would hear other parents make comments about how their kid had fallen asleep on the floor playing or even on the couch. Others shared pictures of their child asleep in odd places like a drawer or laundry basket. You get the picture. I would share this with Mr. Maricucu and we were confounded since our oldest just.did.not.fall.asleep anywhere but in bed. Don't get me wrong, he slept well but he was not the type to drop from exhaustion. So you can imagine how surprised I was one day when I hadn't heard my then toddler second born in a while. I walked into their bedroom and he had fallen asleep on the floor as he played with his trains. I do remember grabbing the camera and immediately emailing Mr. Maricucu the picture so he could share in the awe. Apparently he's one of "those kids", the kind that falls asleep midchew at the dinner table. And yes even when he was out of the high chair he would fall asleep in the middle of dinner nearly keeling over sideways from the dining chair before one of us realized it and caught him.

Seems our third is that type of kid too. I was running errands one day while Mr. Maricucu was at home with the kids and arrived to find her face down, bottom scooted fast asleep on the living room floor. Before I could even say a word Mr. Maricucu just looked at me and said, "hey she fell asleep and after the morning she had I was not about to move her." I totally understood. In our house as long as you're not falling asleep in the bathtub, momma and daddy will not disturb you other than to throw a blanket over your body. This third kiddo though, she seems to be turning it into an extreme sport.

As I was nursing her sister the other day on the rocking chair I noticed her doing the usual - pulling out every basket I have on the shelves and dumping them out to fill with her picked up loot from around the house. I saw her walk around the side of the couch and didn't think anything of the silence that followed (yes that was risky). Here's what I found when I got up to investigate moments later:


Yes, she is asleep, in an ikea basket of all things and she of course dragged her poor bedraggled dolly along for the ride. I guess contorting yourself and a porcelain doll into a 13x13" basket is some hard work and requires an impromptu nap. Oh and you better believe I did not wake her up. No way no how. Sleep is precious for both parent and child.
By the way that doll is a porcelain doll my mother bought for her when she was born. When my mom told me she would be bringing the doll up I told her it was under the condition that she knew it was going to be played with and not a dust collector. I'm not an amazing housekeeper but I refuse to add dust collectors, aka knick knacks to our already cozy home. So yes, dolly looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet but she is loved and most importantly used.


In other random thoughts from my head check out these plumcots. So beautiful I couldn't help but snap a pic. They were however way too sour for the kids. Nothing a drizzle of honey and a toss couldn't fix. Then the same container was emptied in moments while the children buzzed around it with their forks.



Marin!! said...

That is so cute! Yeah, Mr. I was never a napper anywhere-er either. :)

How are you guys doing?

I found some of the house fire pics for I-Bro. You wanna get the kiddos together to play and look at pics? Let me know when you can play.

Take care!

Chula said...

So sweet!

Karen K. said...

She is so sweet! Our fall asleep in the durndest places too! I have a pic of one asleep in the Target shopping cart! And I'm right with you on not moving them too!!!

Marielle said...

Marin those fire pics are treasures around here. I finally laminated for him and heaven help the person (ahem sibling) that tries to walk off with them).

Karen oh my goodness that sounds hysterical. I can't imagine but yeah, rule is no moving.