Sunday, August 22, 2010

The ark is full.


At least that's the way it feels. With four kids in car seats it means we have only the passenger seat available for an adult to occupy in our minivan. Once Mr. Maricucu had installed the baby's car seat I sighed, turned to him and said, "that's it we can't have any more kids, we're out of room." Obviously that was not the only reason we're fine with four but the reality hit right about that time. Four kids in the car, four kids out. Three backpacks, one huge old lady bag and a sling occupy the space behind the driver and passenger seats:


The boys go in the back since they can blessedly do their own car seat straps. That's right moms, one day they will get in and get out on their own!


The girls are in the middle row rearfacing which makes for some interesting giggle fests as their older brothers alternate between entertaining and annoying them:


So yeah, I've got a mom-mobile. And yeah, it's full of kids. So sue me.


Chula said...

This is all I keep thinking about with the twins coming , we need a bigger car!!!! I guess it's mini van time for us =)

Marielle said...

Delma embrace the mini van! LOL My husband had trucks all his life and when we bough the mini van he said, "wow that's a lot of leg room". I think he'd have one even if we didn't have kids.