Monday, April 26, 2010

Why vanilla was postponed.

First, let me whine a little. And if you don't like to hear whining then skip down to the last half of this post. I'm all of 5 feet tall and short torsoed. Which means barely any room in my torso to begin with. Then I get pregnant with my husband's super long offspring and sometime in the third trimester I'm eating supermodel portions not by choice but because anything more in such a limited space and it's reflux city. Breathing? What's that? I don't take a normal deep breath again until I've literally pushed out a baby. Beautiful picture huh? So on Friday I was gifted yet another one of my beautiful, children's colds. Which pretty much had me tired but not much else. Then bam! on Saturday I could barely breathe and with no sleep was pretty much useless all day long. Thank the Lord for a husband that takes as good care of me as my own mother would. Seriously, kids fed & entertained? Check. Marielle fed and sleeping like a wheezing baby? Check. Laundry done? Check. Dinner cooked and cleaned up? Check. Blessedly on Sunday after he had to go work for a few hours and run errands, a friend brought over a meal to give the poor guy a break and our family some nourishment. I avoided pneumonia and even though I sound like Carol Channing am on the mend and can semi-breathe. So that was our weekend and I was all set to come back and hit you with my vanilla method. But then something else happened.


My little sis went and had herself a beautiful little baby girl! She who is now breathing freely, welcomed baby A., the adorable little sister to 3 very proud and loving older brothers. To say she's going to be spoiled is an understatement. Isn't technology wonderful? My too-cool-to-be-old-fogie parents sent me the cell phone pics and I was able to admire her right away. The only thing I'm missing is smushing on those beautiful cheeks in real time. Congratulations to my little sis and my brother in law as they welcome their newest blessing.

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