Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last November I was involved in a quilt square swap for an I Spy themed quilt. As soon as my stack of squares came in the mail I thumbed through them, then put them away knowing I would have absolutely no chance to do anything with them until after this pregnancy was over. I knew it would do me no good to get started on something like a quilt considering the nearly 3 dozen diapers I need to sew up before July and the host of other projects already on my plate.


Well apparently I dared myself and the other part of me thumbed her nose at the to do list. Behold, the beginning of an I Spy quilt for the kiddie comfort corner. The comfort corner our home is the corner made by the two couches in our living room and serves as a getaway for overwhelmed children or just as a hideout lately. The kids love hanging out on the mishmash of beanbags, cushions and covers in the corner but it seems we never have enough covers for when the "I don't want him sitting next to me"s kick in. This quilt, once finished, will pad our stash nicely.


Since I've got 100 unique, 4" squares I knew I wanted to bulk up the overall size of the quilt with some solids. After a good bit of time wasting on google image searches and the rabbit hole that is flickr, I finally decided to go with a disappearing nine patch block. The swap squares are pretty varied in colors so I chose two solids from the kona-type offerings at Joann's. A beautiful tahitian blue (much more saturated than the picture) and a nice bright grass green.


Since time will be of the essence I'm going to use the birthing method like the last quilt I made for my nephew which involves no binding and then stippling the quilt all over. For the backing I've chosen this plush cuddle cloth in a matching green which might allow me to get away without using any batting. We'll see.


I also recently received this Oz Layer Cake in the mail that I'd ordered last fall. Love layer cakes - just a stack of 42 unique 10" squares all from the same coordinating line.


I'm really excited about making a throw for the living room couch that might be used by the grownups instead of being appropriated by the children. Not sure just yet what design but I've got time since this is definitely one project I'll leave for next fall.



Stacy said...

Nice! If you are in need of more I-Spy squares, let me know. I have a bunch of that sort of fabric left over from making a few. :)

Marielle said...

Thanks for the offer Stacy. I'll keep it in mind for this quilt in case I run low.

That's neat that you've made some too. I'm sure they're lovely.