Friday, December 25, 2009

Don't complain . . .

. . . that you don't like the pictures I posted of you on the blog if every time I approach you with a camera you do this.


Instead, chill. Relax. Crack a smile and remember in the legacy we leave our families are included the snapshots of us in every stage of life. Remember that your daughter loves you and despite trying to get pictures of you in embarrassing poses when she was a kid, this time around she naturally wants to capture your spirit in order to show the kids when you are far away. Then be sure to remind that same daughter when she runs away from the camera. But don't threaten to take embarrassing pictures of her and post them on facebook when you're not even on there yet. I'm on to you Dad. Love ya.


Disclaimer: Marielle is in no way forcing her father to be on the blog or in pictures. This is all in good fun.


Chula said...

What a great smile!!!!!

Marielle said...

I'll be sure to pass that on to him. Have a Happy New Year D~!